We help you save money. You can decrease your city water bill by up to 85%.

Barco Well Service, LP has served Tarrant and surrounding counties for the past 17 years. We are the premium North Texas Water Well Drilling Service. We have studied and compiled extensive data about the local aquifers and the production zones. We specialize in knowledge and use of equipment that is most effective in these types of aquifers.


All Barco technicians are well-qualified, trained at the manufacturers schools for pumps and motors, professionally experienced and have undergone extensive background checks. Our friendly service staff currently services over 4600 of your neighbors who have chosen to invest in a private water well. That's why we are the premium

North Texas Water Well Drilling Service.


Barco Well Services, and especially Jason, are absolutely AWESOME. I woke up and had no water at all! Since I live pretty far out in Northlake, it usually takes a long while to get service. 

- Mrs. Sherri Steward / Customer


Jason is a licensed water well driller and pump installer(L#59359WPK) in the state of Texas. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Development and attending A&M Commerce Fire Academy, Mr. Flynt served for seven years with the City of Grapevine as a Firefighter and EMT. In 2005, Mr. Flynt moved into real estate construction full-time, where he became familiar with Barco Well Service. Some five years later, the Flynt family purchased Barco and have grown operations to service two divisions and currently has a staff of twelve.

“We strive to be the best family owned well service company in all of North Texas. We live here and want to be able to meet our customers in everyday life and be proud of the work we have completed for them. When the majority of your work happens several hundred feet underground, most people won’t ever see the quality that sets us apart. But our commitment is to do the very best job possible, every time!”

– Jason Flynt | Owner of Barco Well Service

Jason and Lindsay Flynt owners of Barco Well Service, LP.