Water Well Drilling in North Texas


Barco Well Service, LP drills “shallow” wells primarily for the purpose of irrigation. These wells are normally from 60-220 feet deep and have a water quality suitable for irrigating a lawn. These wells are relatively inexpensive and most customers enjoy a “return on investment” within the equipment warranty period. These wells can be drilled on new construction sites or on pre-existing home lots. The shallow water well drilling process normally takes one to three days.


In most areas, deep wells are those that reach 500 foot or greater in depth. These wells are steel-cased with 4, 6 or 8” casing and are capable of producing 15 to 350 gallons per minute. These wells are suitable for irrigation, drinking water and capable of supplying high volume reserves for water features or ponds. Deep water well drilling can take 2-30 days, depending on depth.

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