Water Well Service, Maintenance & Consultaton

Routine maintenance is crucial for maintaining longevity of the well equipment. We thoroughly inspect your well and equipment for maximum efficiency and equipment proficiency.


Well/pump repair

Pump & Motor Repair

Barco Well Service specializes in water well pump and repair. Our technicians are extensively trained on service call repairs from booster pumps to three-phase industrial motors. All senior technicians attend manufacturer’s certification training. 

Flow and Iron Bacteria Testing

Flow test are a great service to perform on your water well to not only check well equipment but to discover the sustained water production of the aquifer that your well pulls from. We advise that these tests be performed at the end of watering season or just before winterizing your well. 

flow tests

Water Well Experts

Whether you are buying a new home, selling your home, or have had a system for many years, well inspections are a great way to get a detailed understanding of the system you have and its performance capabilities. Well inspections are conducted to provide a general working condition report about your equipment. These reports include: the flow of your well, the type of pump and motor, work needed and the condition of your pressure tank.

well inspections

chemical treatments

Water Well Service Experts

Chemical treatments are used for many things in the water well industry from cleaning screens to increasing volume or treating bacteria. These treatments require specialized knowledge of the aquifer in your area. Barco Well Service works closely with many chemical manufacturers to ensure that the right chemical is used on your particular water well. Because of the extensive scope of chemical products, we recommend that you contact Barco to have your well evaluated for possible chemical treatments.

storage/tanks systems

Water Conservation

Storage tanks are sometimes necessary with low producing wells or properties that require more water flow per minute than the well can produce. A storage tank can be a great asset to your water well and personal property. There is no industry or state standard for the installation of storage tanks which frequently allows for an insufficient product to be left in the hands of a homeowner to struggle with. Barco Well Service specializes in storage tanks using only NSF certified tanks and building the system above and beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations. Barco installs many safeguards to protect the equipment and the homeowner from unforeseen equipment malfunctions, saving our customers time and money.